The birth of a new way of doing business

After graduating from college there is always a course or a book that sticks with us forever. For me, it’s always Steven L. Maxine’s “Organizational Behavior”. An avid fan of ethics and philosophy, this is a book I read for my one and only business course during my university years, and in it, all the theories and concepts I learned from my art class were practiced in a single textbook. – Everything applies to business law.
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Many years later, I worked for a marketing company with the worst organizational culture; Or as my book defines: the basic pattern of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs that are considered the right way to think and act on the problems and opportunities an organization faces. If an organization is a group of people who work interdependently for a purpose, my first experience in a marketing firm represents everything that goes wrong with organizational culture. In fact, it was a decaying culture, largely due to the lack of a strong business plan, an encouraging support structure, and the desire to make money before understanding the right way to build it.
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You see, my book explains, the evolution of creating a successful work environment is not a new curiosity. It actually extends to Plato and the human desire to reach personal and collective goals – which is another favorite of mine, Stephen R. Covey speaks in “7 Habits for Highly Effective People.” Creating mission statements and end goals helps individuals and organizations draw clear paths to guide them toward accomplishing what they are prepared to achieve.
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I am writing this article in an attempt to reconsider the nature of organizational behavior and structure applicable in today’s online marketing industry. For the world of online marketing, discussing productivity and its relationship to time is probably one of the topics you’ve covered before. We’ve all heard and read about Timothy Ferris bestseller “The Four Hour Work Week.” You may have come across a large collection of courses, podcasts and videos about the nature of productivity – what comes to mind right now is Ibn Pagan’s Wake Up Productivity. The famous blogger and author of “Blog Profits Blueprint”, Yaro Stark, teaches “The Real Secret to a 2-Hour Work Day”. What I want to do here is why productivity / time ratio is a constant topic among scholars and researchers and why many successful online marketing enthusiasts are fascinated by smart work instead of hard work.
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And so I started.

It all starts with … personality and individual value systems

Experts and researchers who have tried to catalog and evaluate the nature of personality are responsible for influential theories such as the “Big Five personality dimension” and the Myers-Briggs type indicator. These are two that you are probably already familiar with. How personality relates to different value systems is another issue that attracts people. Values, as defined in my book, are stable, evaluative beliefs that guide our choices for outcomes or course of action in different situations. So when you combine personality with values, it’s clear to understand why human makeup is so different and why it makes us all so unique. We value things like security, power, hedonism, universality, tradition, achievement, each of us exists in different proportions. The question that arises is how is it possible to combine the idea that in an organization we are supposed to come together to achieve a common goal, when we are individually separate?
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Organizational structure, in my textbook, refers to “the division of labor as well as the pattern of coordination, communication, work flow, and formal authority that governs organizational activities.” Or as Stephen Covey explains in detail in “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, how an organization works with dependency, independence and interdependence among people and more – how an organization can reach organizational success when people are so different, all unique in their personality and values. With set.
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There are two elements of organizational structure that you are now quite familiar with – centralized organization and decentralized organization. Decentralization is what I want to focus on because it is becoming increasingly clear that the online marketing industry is becoming more decentralized as the company structure is leveled, and the bureaucracy is left out with changes like open-concept office space. My good old book defines organizational behavior as a way to spread decision-making authority and power across organizations, eliminates micromanagement, and allows individuals the freedom to set their own policies and strategies according to their own individual and value systems.
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How do I know that the organizational structure is being decentralized?

Type a job description into a craig’slist like a web developer or graphic designer and see the amount of companies that have posted job offers for freelancer and outsourcing options. Freelancing, be it for design or SEO, is becoming the most prominent way to assign work to corporations. Business owners today are even picking on the trend of outsourcing administrative work to virtual secretaries.
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Take Google for example. I invite you to watch this video to see what’s really going on within Google’s organizational structure. Google is essentially giving its employees the freedom to take care of their basic needs, their own domestic needs and personal aspirations in the workplace, all in an effort to be more productive at work. I’m not suggesting that companies should start thinking about bringing gourmet chefs into their cafeteria, but I’m saying that Google is finding a way to let employees master their own productivity. Instead, Google is considered one of the best places to work for and I can say with confidence that they are the most innovative and advanced. Company today.
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Now, you could say that when a company is a young start-up without years of experience, it’s important to closely monitor everyone’s work and allow the bureaucracy to reign as a component and catalyst for “true” productivity – AKA a 9-5 working days. You could also say that with experience comes the speed of productivity. These are elements that I am not ignoring in any way – there is absolute truth in both.
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However, I’m talking about stepping out of the strict values ​​of our Western society that indicate that “time is money” and working 12-hour workdays will help you reap the rewards of “real” success – AKA financial success. Another philosophy you’ve probably heard before is that the constant movement is the path to true happiness (closely related to ideas like “The Secret”). But if you look at success stories like Yaro Stark’s, you will see that he is right about prioritizing the appetite for money, bringing the element of balance and the desire for well-being.

By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive, but I do not want to give up.

So why is everyone in the online marketing industry eager to spend a working week? Why is everyone trying to find other ways to be productive?

Those who see great success in this industry are given the freedom to travel around the world, and to work from their laptops no matter where they are in the country or where they are on the beach. Following such a lifestyle is not only exclusive to the online marketing industry but with the advent of web technology, it is becoming more and more a reality for others in various industries.

Organizational structure will enable employees to experience a lifestyle that they see themselves living (certainly productive and contributing to their organization). Although personality and values ​​differ from person to person, our desire to live without our limitations is probably a universal desire.

Organizational culture should be changed to create employees who work smart, not hard. Making a profit is the ultimate goal of any organization, and the legitimacy of this requirement will never be disputed, but the realization of creating happy employees (such as Google employees), and the freedom to work in the most suitable environment for our individual. Choices are something that we see predominant because online marketing companies see more value in outsourcing. The importance of pursuing happiness and well-being is a complex goal in itself, but by giving employees a greater understanding of what they need and the freedom to meet those needs, we are probably moving towards a more successful formula of organizational culture and structure.

To give up, I will mention another word explored in my textbook: organizational commitment. What this term means is the emotional attachment, identification, and involvement of an employee with a particular organization. Organizational behavior scholars call this effective commitment because it refers to the individual’s feelings towards the organization. Perhaps the company’s goal should shift from creating hard workers to employee development who find satisfaction where they work. Happy employees are productive employees, and if flexibility is the answer, then organizational structures that lead to the freedom to work productively under set of policies that indicate for oneself something to enjoy and keep pace with.

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