iClock – Time clock for employee time tracking

Today’s time-tracking solutions can increase company-wide productivity. Very few people save costs while optimizing employee productivity with iClock, the newest and most innovative of their web-based timeline, HR, pay and benefit tracking products.

iClock extends from a decentralized system to a web-based, hosted system with general cost-saving business trends. Far from a physical watch, iClock is a web-based method of time and presence tracking that simplifies the payroll process, improves accuracy and reduces costs. This technology not only presents an innovative alternative to the traditional time and presence tracking method, but also provides real advantage over these options.

For example, iClock lets managers see “in / out” boards on their own PCs via the Internet. It includes a nightly backup of day labor-tracking data and a full menu of reports.

Time clock reinvented

For traditional time clocks employees have to travel to the location of the device, potentially creating a physical logjam that interrupts their workflow. iClock goes beyond this with its web-based approach, which provides easy access to any computer connected to the Internet, as well as existing time clocks, badge swipe readers and fingerprint readers.

For employers, iClock eliminates labor tracking maintenance issues. Some providers maintain and host iClock on their own servers and store all data. It not only facilitates daily attendance tracking for employees in the workplace, but it is especially convenient for non-traditional employees. A traveling salesman, for example, can punch just as easily as his colleague at a Cubicle at the company’s headquarters!

Cut costs

Traditional time clock systems involve significant investments in hardware and other IT infrastructure such as wire, server and networking concerns. iClock does not require any special hardware. Upgrades are automated every month and are delivered at no extra cost – in addition to the actual cost savings of thousands of dollars associated with the actual timelock purchase and installation.

In fact, even for companies with a card swipe as a punch-in process for fingerprint readers, no physical time clock is required for the iClock system. This effectively eliminates costly intermediaries by connecting the card swipe directly to a PC running iClock.

Performance booster

iClock saves a considerable amount of time as well as cost. When tested from a usability perspective, iClock demonstrates multiple productivity and time-saving benefits for payroll departments, managers and employees. Managers can access all time-tracking data for employees from a centralized in / out board, reducing administration time and giving managers the power to control overtime and reduce overall payroll costs.

With traditional paper timesheets, one has to figure out what to do with all the personal data. But with iClock, paperwork is deleted, and automated data is at the fingertips of visualization managers. They can review the history of missed and late punches, as well as a complete suite of standard and ad hoc reports.

Employees can select from multiple clock-out factors and view their own attendance history, which greatly improves employee accountability.

Strong integration

Several web-based offers for time and presence tracking already exist in the market. Both Oracle and SAP are trying to establish such technology through the platform and the kaleidoscope of partners. iClock, however, is a part of a fully dedicated, fully developed application suite that can integrate seamlessly with HR, pay, time-off, timesheet, expense-tracking and pay-planning solutions. Data from iClock can be exported to any payroll system.

Easy access to employee data

Another standout feature of iClock is that it provides a wide range of interfaces. Other time and attendance solutions typically provide one or two interfaces to track employees’ time. iClock offers multiple options that best fit your company’s environment. For example, a web clock may be available at a terminal gate, office, or kiosk, and may be configured with a card swipe, fingerprint reader, or keyboard.

To create the feel of a traditional time clock, iClock can connect to any watch and provide full time and presence functionality. With these options, strong functionality may disappear to the employee, but still remains to be managed, and the cost savings associated with real-time clock removal still apply. Many companies prefer these traditional devices, and what iEmployee offers that competitors don’t offer is a cheaper alternative to a PC connected directly to them instead of an expensive physical time watch.

Productivity defined

iClock provides time management at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. It is both more efficient and requires less cost and effort to maintain — a real win for technology.

Considering the productivity benefits of iClock, combined with the powerful functionality it offers, this innovative and affordable product has emerged as the best solution in today’s market for time and presence tracking.